Mother's Day contest

5 Minutes for Mom is holding a Mother's Day contest where you can win a thousand dollars!

Here is my picture of what motherhood means to me:This is me giving my son Owen a mommy hug. It was one of those hugs where I just wanted to hold on to my little boy forever. My husband calls it having a "mommy moment". The moment where my heart feels so full of love for my kids I could just burst.

I love my kids.


the Doug said…
Please don't burst.
Cuz, then I'd have to clean it up.

Uh, and I'd be sad.
Amanda Daybyday said…
I love this picture of you. Good luck!
TARA YOU'RE ONE OF THE FINALISTS!!!!! I just voted for your photo! :-) Hope you win! *elizabeth
I TOTALLY related to this shot. Your face tells what I feel when I cling on to my children and hold on with all the love, prayers, hope and fears I have overwhelming me.
Anonymous said…
Great picture! Hope you win!
Sarah Smith said…
awwwww Tara! this pic makes me wanna Hug you!..absolutley a hug thats full of Mommy Love!
Anonymous said…
Great picture. So much emotion. you can tell how much you love your children and how much they love you.

I wish you all the best in the contest and life in general. Tara your a great mom

Leah Gould
Chris said…
This photo is so wonderful. I can feel your emotion and how much you love your kids. It's exactly how I feel about my boys. Good luck in the contest, and I will put you blog button on my blog. I very new to this as my blog is only a week old, but I really enjoying reading other's blogs as well as writing my own.
Melissa said…
I love love love your photo. It totally sums up how I feel when I hug my son. There is nothing I love better than to hang on and never want to let go! Good luck in the photo contest, I am on my way back there to vote for you!!!
ChristiS said…
I just voted for yooooooooou!! LOVE this pic!!
Ali said…
I know just how this feels - your photo touched me, so I voted for you.

A moment like this one captured is worth way more than 1000 dollars. But I'm sure you know that.

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