Mojo the monkey

Aiden had a great day at school today! YAY!!!

He got 10 out of 10 stickers and I am just so proud of him!He even got to bring home the class mascot- Mojo the monkey.
Mojo comes equipped with his own blanket, pillow, jammies, toothbrush, book and diary. Aiden was so thrilled and so proud to be caring for Mojo. He showed Mojo all over our house and yard, took him bug hunting outside, let him take a short nap on the couch, showed him his precious Lego and then dressed him in his jammies and took him to bed with him tonight.
Have I mentioned lately that my son has the absolute best teacher in the entire world and I adore her?

Teachers rock.


Misty said…
i LOVE that... I have seen class pets but NEVER a stuffed animal mascot with pj's and such. i LOVE it!
You have mentioned it-- but you're so right. Teachers like her are priceless! Congrats to Aiden-- what an honor!
Unknown said…
A class mascot! What a fantastic idea. Fun, fun, fun.

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