its in the thing in the place

My mind is very full today.

With what?

Well... I can't tell you all of it but here is a glimpse:

-Aiden had his very first play date yesterday with a boy from his class and he had SO much fun. And I am so happy that he has friends. It almost brings tears to my eyes. I just really think that for a kid who has so much trouble in so many areas it is wonderful to see him do well with friends.

- I LOVE Aiden's kindergarten grad pictures. They make me smile. If you would like to see them and help me choose which one to order you can look HERE.

- My awesome husband roto-tilled the garden yesterday with a borrowed garden tractor (thanks Jon & Becky). Owen and Olivia LOVED watching that process.

- It was such an incredibly beautiful day yesterday that we ALL got sunburns. And while this may not SEEM like a good thing it IS because it means summer is really on its way!

- It is raining right now which is lovely. I like rain. And our grass needs a drink.

- Poor Shadow Cat spent all night out in the rain. He was not nearly as impressed as I was with the rain. tee hee.

- Olivia terrified me yesterday by falling head first off of a stool.

- I have a doctor's apt tomorrow morning to discuss all my medication changes. Fun.

- I am going to my son Owen's teacher's bridal shower tomorrow night.

- It is my sweet husband's birthday on Wednesday.

- Have you ever noticed that you can be going along in your life... relatively evenly... and then someone will say something that TOTALLY throws you off? And then you can't stop thinking about it? I hate that.

- It will be our 9th wedding anniversary this summer. It will also be my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. Wow.

- My son Owen absolutely LOVES Spongebob Squarepants. I do not.

- the introvert in me has been suffering rather severely lately.

- Olivia got her very first mosquito bite of the season yesterday- right in the middle of her forehead.

- My husband wrote an excellent post that you can read HERE.

- We leave for General Assembly in Ottawa in one month.

And that is only scratching the surface.


Well scratch harder, because I want to know what threw you off-- I'm nosey that way (and maybe a little protective of my Canadian friend). I loved this post Tara, the pinging-off-every-subject style (that feeds my pinging-off-every-though brain) with photos of your day. I am getting to know you better than my real-life friends!

And Olivia seems ok from the fall....
Shelley said…
I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your kids - so cute!
ChristiS said…
Sorry that you are having a bit of a rough patch. I certainly can relate. Please stop by and we'll arrange a type date if you wish! :D
Oh my - that's a lot to be thinking about all at once! But I love the pictures - especially the one of Olivia with her mouth open right after your 'Wow' - too funny! :)

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