Instead of a rant

I felt like ranting today. I was very tempted to do so here. But I made myself wait until all the kids were in bed before writing today's post so that I would at least be calm whilst I write my rant.

Why is it that whenever my sons draw on themselves with markers they use the PERMANENT ink markers instead of the lovely washable ones? And they never seem to want to be fully clothed either. Boys are weird. And the majority of their play involves play fighting, pretend shooting, and generally trying to look as mean as possible.


I really don't understand boys. Today is pay day for my husband which is fabulous. I love pay day. It gives me great joy to be able to pay the bills. Love it. But today we needed to deposit his check in our secondary bank account. To do this we have to drive 20 minutes or so to the next town over because it is the closest bank machine that we can deposit at. So we get Owen off to school, bribe Aiden to stay with Grandma, pack Olivia into her carseat and off we go.

I love Olivia's toes.

I do NOT love when my plans are completely dashed by ridiculous circumstances. We arrived at the bank machine only to find out it is broken. So we wait a half hour until the bank actually opens and ask them when the machine will be fixed. They don't know. We ask if we can deposit the check with them directly. They said no. So we phoned President's Choice Financial and told them our situation and asked them if they could postpone the payment going out of that account for a few days. They said no. They suggested we drive to another town to find a different bank machine. They clearly don't care that my husband has a job, that gas costs a zillion dollars and that we live an exceedingly great distance from the next closest bank machine that accesses our particular account.
We never had these problems when we first opened our President's Choice Financial account because we lived in a city (which is not to say I am unhappy living in a small town). We LOVED our account because it gave us free groceries. Lots of free groceries. We decided to keep the account when we moved out here to the sticks because my student loan payment goes out of it every month and my baby bonuses go directly in to it every month and I would rather stab my eye out with a dull pencil than deal with the student loan people again. Ever. I hate them. Passionately.
Essentially we have no choice but to drive into the city that is about an hour and a half away to deposit our stinking check. But we can't do it today since my husband does actually have to go to work sometimes (although apparently some people don't think he is there enough no matter how much he works). My husband has been working since before noon today and won't get home until after midnight once he cleans up from youth group. Then he has an all day board meeting tomorrow. Tomorrow evening we invited some friends over to celebrate Doug's birthday. Incidentally I totally forgot to order a cake today. Wife of the year.
Then of course we have church on Sunday and a ministerial event Sunday evening.

Which means we have to drive to the stinking city first thing Monday morning after Aiden goes to school praying the whole way that our deposit goes in before the bill goes out. Stupid broken bank machine. Stupid President's Choice financial for not being the least bit understanding or helpful in any way shape or form. Stupid gas prices.

My mom finished planting our garden today. It looks lovely.

There has been some "talk" about the state of our yard though. Our fence is not well painted. And our deck has rotting boards. And our driveway is gravel and bumpy. And our house hasn't been repainted in years. And we pretty much have the worst looking yard on our block.

But here is the thing people, just because something looks a little uncared for doesn't always mean the owners are lazy or just ignoring it to tick you off. Sometimes people really don't have enough money to fix things. Really.

When we are worried about having enough money for groceries and gas and still be able pay all our bills the fence takes a back seat. I would much rather feed my kids then fix our deck.

All I'm saying is don't be so quick to judge.
The old saying really is true that you can't judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. And aren't Olivia's little sandals adorable?
We had thunder today. But no rain. My kids were watching for rain. They had their umbrellas ready. But no rain. The mosquitoes have returned though don't worry.My husband, in an effort to make me feel better this morning and not destroy his whole career by speaking my mind too much and telling too much truth, bought me these lovely flowers. I love them. He also bought me ice cream.

Smart man.

And really, if you could see the thoughts in my head you would know that I really DO watch what I say. Honest.


Anonymous said…
I am right there with you about not typing every thought that is in your I have the same situation with our car payment, have to drive 20 miles each way to deposit money into a credit union account we have so the car payment can be taken out. I try to time that with a trip to Walmart so that I at least get something else
debrowns said…
Ah the Student Loans people. It's especially nice having ones with two different provinces, the national loans centre and student line of credit for the years they wouldn't give me a student loan! I strongly dislike dealing with student loans people also!

JoAnn said…
Your rant was great! Let it all out, it actually helped me too. I was lmao with the picture of your boys and the permanent marker! I recommend you pick up the book "the wildest colts make the best horses".
kelle said…
Gotta love the student loan people...not!! I will be praying that you get that cheque deposited before they take out the payment.
I love your honest, open posts! You have my email, rant away and I won't tell anybody-- Doug's career will be safe. I wish I could come paint your house for you :-(
I can think ugly thoughts about your bank (did you ever see Michael with John Travolta? There's an episode with a bank...)
This is my favorite post of the month! Hilarious how you weave 'happy, pretty thoughts' through the rant. Nice.

So, did the payment come out, or do you have to wait for Monday?
the Doug said…
Love you.
Jinny and Colin said…
You gotta love a man who brings you ice cream when you need it. Doug is great. I'm sorry that people are judging you about your yard again. It's so silly! And if they are from your church and are reading this...Pay my friends more money please.

Love you guys.
Amanda Daybyday said…
Yuck. What a gross day that musta been. Hope it all went well this morning. And you can rant to me anytime if you ever need know where I am.

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