Happy Birthday Doug

Today is my wonderful husband's 34th birthday. In honour of this auspicious occasion here is 34 reasons why I love my husband...

1. he's faithful to me, to our family and to God.

2. he loves me still

3. he loves our kids

4. He loves Jesus

5. he's got a cute butt

6. he takes amazing pictures

7. he never makes me mow the lawn or shovel the driveway

8. He listens to my rants

9. He thinks I'm cool where millions don't

10. He accepts my weirdness

11. He TELLS me he loves me

12. He says "I love you" to our kids at LEAST once a day

13. He's funny

14. He buys me flowers on a very regular basis for no particular reason

15. he loves me even though I have gained 70 lbs since we first met

16. he has endured through 3 bouts of post partum depression

17. he believes the best about people

18. he is optimistic... but not obnoxiously so

19. he is a lifelong learner

20. he is so very even keeled and steady

21. he PLAYS with the kids

22. he is incredibly patient

23. he loves his family
24. he cooks for me

25. he buys me ice cream when I need comfort food

26. he's truthful even when he would rather lie

27. he's kind even when people don't deserve it

28. he provides wonderfully for our family

29. he doesn't take himself too seriously

30. he laughs with me

31. he holds me when I cry

32. he protects me from the big bad world

33. he GETS me

34. he's my knight in shining armour and fairy tale ending
I love you Doug. Happy birthday.


What an awesome list! I love how each one has a picture to go with it. You guys are very lucky to have each other. :)

Happy birthday to your hubby!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this post so much. What a wonderful person you are to take the time to find the pictures, add them to your blog, and write such amazing words. A true testament to how much Doug means to you.

I hope you have a great day celebrating Doug and the wonderful husband and father he is.
the Doug said…
wow... too many pictures of my ugly mug... but I still love you.
Krystal said…
How sweet! I just came across your blog today. Another one of my blogger friends is a pastor's wife too. (http://dreawd.blogspot.com/)
THAT is the loveliest birthday tribute I have read. ever. And how clever are you the way you matched photos up-- that must've taken forever-- even with the most awesome-est Mac.
Happy birthday, Hubby of my creative Canadian friend :-)
Vader's Mom said…
What a sweet post!
Vader's Mom said…
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Jenn said…
Nicely said!
Jinny and Colin said…
You really summed up Doug in many wonderful words. He truly is an awesome guy and I'm so thankful that you broke up with Dean and started dating Doug...hehehe. And I just LOVE the pic of him in the hard rock cafe shirt...raar what a hottie? lol I'm sure I could dig up a similar one of Colin. Ah the 80's/early 90's.

Love you guys! And happy b-day Doug!
Robyn said…
HA! First, the mullet pic. Doug, mullets NEVER look good on ANYONE! Especially tall, gangly, pin thin kids! :D

Tara, you're so sappy, you are oozing! That is such a sweet idea & you are so very lucky!!!
Amanda said…
ahhh that is so sweet. And great pictures to go with it.
Rebecca said…
I clicked over from "I Should Be Folding Laundry."

My husband's birthday is tomorrow. I don't think I have 54 photos of him (we've been together less than three years), but I may do this (or something similar) for his birthday, too.

What a great idea!! Very sweet tribute to your hubby - I enjoyed it!
What a wonderful post! Awesome photos to go along with! Happy Birthday to your special hubby~

Tara said…
I was going to comment that I hope you shared this with him, but then I saw his comment. Happy birthday Doug!
Elaine A. said…
Came over because Beth said we had to see your awesome birthday post and she was right! This is wonderful. Happy (late) Birthday to your man! : )
Kari said…
I found my way over to your blog via Beth at 'I Should Be Folding Laundry'. What a lovely birthday tribute to your husband. I did something similar for our 15th anniversary - I made a mini scrapbook for my husband listing reasons I loved him. Your blog design is beautiful; I look forward to reading more.
Michelle said…
What a great tribute...very sweet!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful honouring of a very fine man.

Shine on, all of you.

G. on the coast
Anonymous said…
i need a doug!!! SO jealous!

well anyway, happy birthday to your seemingly perfect hubby. :-)
hope it was wonderful!
Heather said…
Tara, that is so so sweet! Happy Birthday to your honey! This post makes me want to hug my husband because reading this I realize that he is so many of those things as well.
Ann(ie) said…
What an adorable post and fabulous tribute at the same time. I love it!!

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