Care Package

I have a wonderful beautiful friend named Amanda. We met in 1996 when we lived down the hall from each other in the dorm at Bible School. She is married to a wonderful man (also from Bible School) and they have three adorable children.

We lost touch for several years but recently "found" each other again through the gift of the internet. I love the internet.

If you read my post yesterday you all know that I have been in a rather less-than-perfect state of mind the past couple days. So about half an hour ago I was minding my own business cooking my kids scrambled eggs for lunch when my doorbell rings.

I THOUGHT it was another book to review for the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. BUT when I got to the door there was a lovely lady NOT dressed in the traditional delivery-woman apparel. She introduced herself as my dear friend Amanda's mother in law and hands me a beautifully decorated care package.

I stood in shock and asked her "what are you doing in my town????" No one ever just stops by our town. We live rather far off the beaten path! Apparently she has relatives here and when my dear Amanda heard that she would be in my town she sent me this beautiful care package.

Seems to me that God Himself is sending me a message saying "You aren't alone, I love you and you have friends who love you too. So stop whining."

Thank-you my sweet Amanda for the beautiful gift! I love you!

Go visit my friend Amanda's blog - One Day at a Time -and see her amazing weight loss and parenting journey. And also visit her husband's blog - A Disparate Man - and read some incredible writing.


Amanda Daybyday said…
I'm glad you liked it!
I'm off for an hour on the treadmill now. Blah.
Dang. I was excited that you had received the books I sent... I'll keep checking. And I'm so glad Amanda did that-- see, you are so liked!
Anonymous said…
Why stop whining, see what it gets you.

Remember the squeaky wheel?

Today I was watching a google video of underdog independent US presidential candidate, Ralph Nader speaking at Google headquarters. The point he made over and over to those bright, priviledged people is DO NOT SELF EDIT.

I immediately thought of you and figured that is probably why your blog is so popular. Also the people who criticise you could choose not read your blog, so I figure that they throw at you the stuff they are afraid of hearing if they stop self editing.

It is not just preschoolers who try out the behaviour done to them that they didn't like, to see if anyone has a good response for it.

And your blog is not primarily a whining forum,not at all, just part of your truth. I see your blog as a place where the best ideas going get shared.

Nader also quoted Cicero (sp?) for the best definition of freedom, FREEDOM IS PARTICIPATION IN POWER. I think you are an awake and active citizen in every setting

And people need to know when to cut you some slack. In the old days we were told to go be alone if we were grumpy or unbalanced or sad or sick. Not rational but difficult to replace if we did that when young. But at least we can stop attacking those who are trying to move on, and watch to see how they do it.

Shine on.

Love, G. from the coast.
That's pretty awesome. I know I'm thankful for a God who knows my heart and always brings "care packages" when they are needed the most.

What a blessing to have a friend like Amanda!
Jenn said…
What amazing timing God has! That's really neat.
What a wonderful friend! Enjoy your special package :-)

Grateful Gramma said…
Don't you just love it when God shows up with skin on?
Awww, that was so nice!
Jinny and Colin said…
Aw, that is so sweet. :) I'm all teary. I'm glad that you (and we) have such great friends.

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