Bad sinuses


My head hurts.

A lot.

And my sinuses.

And I don't even have allergies.

And my tummy hurts from all the medication changes going on.

My mom called me frail this morning.

I found that a little funny since SHE is about 100 lbs and a good stiff wind can blow her over. I am like 2 of her. Frail is not what I think of when I think of myself.

But I suppose she is right in a way. I AM rather high maintenance in the physical well being department. I have a close relationship with my local pharmacy.

Too bad I don't have a magic medication to get rid of this darn headache.

Really I wish I was in bed. Do you think my kids would mind taking a 7 or 8 hour nap this afternoon?


Kristin said…
I am so right there with you tara! Yes I will be giving away a Dyson. My blog is known as a review blog and well I want to change that all around. Get far away!! So thank you for always being my loyal reader! smooches, of course you can enter. ;)
Robyn said…
Um, if your kids have that long a nap, can you do it to mine as well? They won't come in :( And we have to take the cat to the vet soon. GAH! I hope your sinuses (sinui?) gets better soon! And that you find your magic medicine (and share!). We too, are very close to our pharmacists. I think it helps when you spend at least $300/month there, no?

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