Aiden's 6th birthday

Aiden had a good day yesterday. I got to go and have lunch with him at school which was fun. After school his wonderful teacher even stopped by our house to give him a birthday card. She is so fabulous. Aiden really wanted his "big kid" friends Josiah, Aaron and Angelle to come over for his birthday so they (along with their parents) came over for pizza and birthday cake.
Aiden was thrilled with his presents... mostly Lego which he adores.
And of course while Jon was showing Aiden how to work his new space ship Olivia just had to crawl into the gift bag.

It was a good birthday all in all but I still can't believe my baby boy is 6 years old!
These pictures were taken exactly six years ago today.

That was then and this is now... wow.


Debra said…
Ah, those hospital gowns and beds always bring back sweet memories don't they?!
how fast they grow!!
Nice blog you have!
best wishes,
Happy birthday to Aiden! I love his expression in that first picture - pure joy. :)
Mee mOe said…
my baby girl will be 18 in July,,,;)

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