10 years ago

This is my husband and I 10 years ago while we were still dating. 1998. Canadian Bible College, Regina, Saskatchewan. Young. Relatively carefree. Cute hair and body still intact.

This is us last week.

  You see what 10 years, 3 children, 4 miscarriages, 60 pounds, 3 bouts of postpartum depression, and not sleeping through the night for 6 years in a row can do to you? Brutal.

But I love my husband more today than I loved him on that day 10 years ago. And hey, if we can survive the past 10 years love-intact then we can make it through the next bazillion no problem. We may not be as cute as we once were but we are altogether better people. There is nothing like parenthood to knock the selfishness right out of you!

I love you Doug.


Amanda Daybyday said…
Oh the memories! Look at you two all young and stuff. I personally think you both still look great. Love you guys.
kelle said…
WOW! I, too, think you both look great 10 years later! OH! I was going to tell you about a dream I had. In my dream, I had seen you sitting on a park bench and I thought myself, "I should go and give Tara a huge hug, she's been having a rough time lately". I hope you are having a better day!!
Karen_thrifty said…
I feel your pain. Here's our pic.
you both are truly beautiful...and that's better than "cute". :-)
the Doug said…
You're not so bad yourself.
Tara said…
Everything that you've mentioned seems like a heck of a challenge to me...all wrapped up in the big bow of life! Kudos to you for staying love-intact. Who cares if you don't have that perfect hair anymore? Who is able to have perfect hair after children, anyway?? :)
Bebemiqui said…
If only there were more couples like you in the world. Honest and willing to continue moving further in and further up.
Oh, happy Anniversary! Only 60 pounds huh? Between the two of us, we've put on about 120 pounds... did that sound like bragging? Because I wasn't. In fact, I'm putting my chocolate away now.
You two look so sweet together, both then and now! :)
dlyn said…
Aw - I love both of you! You look like what you are - a happily married couple with kids to raise.

Also stopping by to remind you that it is time for this month's Front door/Back door meme update!
I love it!
Y'all are precious.

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