Yay Aiden!

As most of you know from my previous posts my son Aiden has had some trouble in school this year. So yesterday he got ALL 10 happy faces on his behaviour chart! I am SO proud of him. He has only got 10 out of 10 twice this year and the first time was when he was sick with a fever! I really am so proud of him. When he does well he gets a sticker for the front of his book. So yesterday he got his 7th sticker!!!!!
My kid is awesome.

And here is a cute storybook he coloured for your viewing pleasure.


Amanda said…
Hooray for Aiden. I'm so glad for him!
ChristiS said…
Way to go Aiden! I have that same book that my kids at school do! And please tell him I am very impressed with his coloring!!
Amanda said…
I can relate. Summer can't some soon enough!

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