We got our income tax return back.

Oh the relief of paying ALL my bills. We are fully caught up. I really can't tell you how wonderful that feels. Now all we have to do is pay our regular monthly payments. No more catching up. If only we can keep from getting behind again all will be well.

I feel tingly with relief.

Even the fact that Olivia puked all over me all night long doesn't take away from my relief.

Thank-you government of Canada for giving us back some of our money. I resent you much less today than normally.


I have visited three blogs in two days-- yours, another and yours and I can't tell you how glad I was to read your good news!!!! Now, if I get this book out to you, you won't experience that again... (My base post office woman told me it would cost 27.00 to mail two books to you-- she said it without looking at the package so I decided to wait until she wasn't working). I finished your tag too.
Now go eat some ice cream flavoured Nachos.
Natalie said…
Amanda Daybyday said…
I'm so happy for you and totally understand the relief!

I hope what Olivia has isn't catching.
PamperingBeki said…
Congratulations!!! What a wonderful feeling.
Jenn said…
That's fantastic news!
Kristin said…
Tara I ahve been meaning to comment since you always are around on Mommies United and my blog. You know I kind of dig Canada the health system all that...I hope Olivia is also feeling better!
Jinny and Colin said…
Yay! I totally understand. Man, it ticks me off that your church doesn't pay you guys more. Why does the pastor always have to be the poorest person in the congregation?!
Caroline said…
I am so glad for you. We had to pay out the nose this year - not sure how that happened, but I would have much rather gotten money back. I truly know what a relief it is to be caught up and current.

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