Will somebody PLEASE make it STOP snowing?

It is still snowing.

I really am all done with winter and would very much like spring to arrive! Soon. please.

When Owen saw it snowing this morning he said "Spring is NEVER going to get here!" and Aiden said "I don't WANT winter anymore!". I agree.

Olivia "helped" my mom fold some laundry yesterday. Speaking of my mom, she is officially moving in with us at the end of the month. We decided we would do a 6 month trial and then at the end of 6 months we would all re-evaluate the living situation to see if changes need to be made. That way if it really isn't working we won't all have to spend the long winter trapped together in one house!
I spent several hours yesterday trying to sort out our basement so my mom can have a room down there. I managed to fill several bags of STUFF to get rid of. I gave most of Olivia's outgrown clothes to a friend from church this morning and it felt GREAT to get rid of it!

But the thing about spending HOURS working REALLY hard in your house... it should totally LOOK like you worked hard. And stay nice. For days. But it doesn't. Almost before I was done cleaning it looked messy again. The mess just follows me around. I hate that.
Olivia is obsessed with putting socks on her hands. I don't know why. She also loves saying bye bye and waving. And turning in circles. She is so darn cute.
She put Aiden's neckwarmer on her head all by herself. She cracks me up.

We also finally gave the boys hair cuts yesterday. It always makes me a little sad to cut their hair. But I do think they look handsome with their new short hair. Aiden looks even more like Doug without his sweet curls.
My poor boys are both sick again. Owen's fever came back yesterday and they are both sniffling like crazy today. I am still sick although not as bad as I was. Olivia is still sick too. And she got an eye-tooth this week. She is happier now that it came through.

Owen even LOOKS sick... here he is trying valiantly to smile for me. Poor kid. I booked Aiden's birthday party yesterday. We are going to go swimming in a town near ours (we don't have an indoor pool in our town). I am SUPER impressed with how reasonable it is! They are only charging me $76! That includes set-up, clean-up, a lifeguard, planned games, 2 hours of swimming time, food and drinks for 8 kids and parents are free! I am thrilled it is so reasonable because it is what Aiden really wants to do. I thought it would be a lot more expensive. It would cost me about that much to have a party at my house and then I would have to do all the clean up and entertaining myself!

I have been trying to get a video of Olivia riding her horsey. She LOVES it.


Mee mOe said…
SWEET.... I remember the days of when my girls were that young, they love to rock still !!! so cute !!!
Amanda said…
We just buzzed the boys hair this week too. Shed the winter coats. Okay spring. Time to come!
Elizabeth said…
All of your kids are so cute!
The hair cuts are wonderful-- can you come over? We just spent way too much for bad cuts. And Aiden's party sounds awesome-- our A is having his on the 19th and you got a better deal (ours is the silly British disco thing I blogged about). At this rate, we'll only be able to afford one party every five years...hmmmm ;-)

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