Olivia's Baby Legs

I won a gift certificate to Apples 'n Oranges from Lara and Vicky. I got an adorable skirt for Olivia.

It can be worn as a little dress when she is small and a skirt when she is bigger and a shirt when she is even bigger! It is also fully reversible.

You all should go and check out Apples 'n Oranges. They have wonderful stuff and they are Canadian too!

I also won a set of 3 Baby Legs.

I LOVE Baby Legs! Thanks so much to Mommies United for the super fun prize!


Lara said…
The skirt/dress looks amazing on Olivia! You should submit it to Apples'n'Oranges and we can add her to our photo gallery :)
Mommy Goggles said…
LOVE the dress! The model is a beauty too. :)
Anonymous said…
you are quite welcome. enjoy and be blessed.

windycindy said…
I hope this is funny/enjoyable to you! I left the bracelet comment under your book giveaway and now I am leaving book giveaway comment on your bracelet comments. See what happens when you are at SAHM as long as I have been!!!!! LOL.....Thanks,Cindi
WOW! You've got some luck going!
Anonymous said…
And you won the www.BambinaBallerina.com design your own bow holder prize! Can you please email me at trisha@bambinaballerina.com so we can talk about your design!

Jinny said…
You win so much stuff! hahaha It's awesome. those baby legs are expensive!! I was going to buy some for Liam, but they're like $16 a pair! Yay for you!
Congrats on your winnings! I love that dress/skirt - she looks adorable in it. :)
I don't know-- why am I not winning stuff to?! I thought of you all day as Miss Ky pillaged every room in my house and wondered, do you ever just sit down and cry or are you laughing (a little maniacally)?
Just Me said…
Hey Tara...WOW!! You are a winning machine! I've given up entering all these contests - I never seem to win anythign! But..congrats on your wins..and by the way, I LOVE your new look! Must have been a while since I popped in - it looks AWESOME!

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