What I Know Now

What I know now that I am a mommy:

1. I really can survive on very little sleep over an extended period of time
2. I really can love 3 children equally
3. there is nothing I wouldn't do to save my child
4. my heart can break at my children's pain
5. is no worse sound than that of my child struggling to breath
6. there is no better sound than that of my children laughing
7. dandelions from my sons can mean more to me than an expensive gift
8. I can survive natural child birth
9. I prefer epidurals
10. I have the best kids in the whole universe
11. I am so very thankful for a devoted husband to partner with me in parenting
12. I will never know all I feel like I should know to be a good mom
13. it is amazing to me that God loves me like I love my kids.
14. children really ARE a gift from God even when they drive me crazy
15. I am proud to be Aiden, Owen and Olivia's mommy.

Nothing has changed my life more than having my children. Nothing has brought me more joy, more satisfaction, more stress, more angst, more pain, more happiness than my kids.

Even though I didn't know this was how my life would be I wouldn't change it for the world and I thank God every day for the gift of my children.


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