Outside My Front Door

I was tagged by Dlyn to do the Front Door Back Door Meme.

It is a photography meme.
1. Step out your front door and take a picture.
2. Step out your back door and take a picture.
3. Put them on your blog, along with the rules.
4. If there are things in the photos that you particularly like or dislike, you can point them out, or just explain what we are seeing. Maybe changes over the seasons or some junk in your neighbour's yard that drives you nuts.
5. Tag as many or few people as you like - preferably at least one though.
6. Do it again next month if you like.

Okey dokey
So here is the view directly out my front door:

That is my mom's car on the street. And the Christmas lights we haven't take off the lattice work yet. And the pile of snow that is still not melted.

Those are my two sons riding their bikes on our driveway. Our deck is not in very good shape and will need work soon so we don't start falling through it.

And here is the view directly out my back door... which is actually more like a side door.

Not too exciting is it.

But if you turn to the side you can see our back yard. I love our yard. The garden is on the left of the sidewalk. There is a shed and greenhouse at the end of the sidewalk. There is also a nice deck in the back corner of the yard. My husband got our barbeque out too! We have raspberry bushes at the back of the garden. My cat chases a lot of birds by our deck. It is a good yard.

It will be even better once the grass is green!


dlyn said…
Yay Tara - thanks for playing. I can't believe that you still have snow - I thought we had the last snow in north America in our yard. And I agree - it is a great yard - can't wait to see your garden later on!
Unknown said…
This is a cool tag. I will do it hopefully tomorrow when it gets light. If not...then when I get home from Edmonton.
That is a cool tag-- I feel like I came by your house with all these pics. AND CONGRATS on the 500th post!!

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