Sunshine is good

Today was a lovely day outside and all my kids went out for awhile. Aiden gets frustrated because the older kids in the neighbourhood don't want to play with him. It's tough being young.
Olivia looks lovely in her spring clothes... and boy boots.
Even Shadow cat enjoyed the sunshine.
And tonight I get to take Owen to a birthday party for one of his school friends. Aiden is most upset that he doesn't get to go and I'm thinking Olivia isn't going to be too pleased to remain home either. Daddy should have lots of fun with two grumpy kiddos.
And we have another birthday party to go to tomorrow. Aiden gets to come along to that one though so there should be less stress!


dags said…
aiden sure looks like doug in those pics...happy partying!
Amanda Daybyday said…
I heart Olivia's jacket.

I may have to get a similar one for Finny.

Or the same one.

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