Snow in APRIL!

It is snowing.Right now.
This does not please me.
The icicle that was hanging outside my window had even begun to melt and fell down.
But no. Spring is not here yet.

But if you would like to win a book you can enter HERE.


Natalie said…
great pictures!!! it got to 80 degrees at my house today...some snow doesn't sound all that bad! I'm not a big fan of the heat and we get 9 months of summer here in Texas!
Andrea said…
Yes...I understand your displeasure with the snow completely!!
That first snow shot is great - but I ADORE your footprint shot! :-)
Amber said…
I couldn't hack it in your neck of the woods!
Footprint shot is a classic Tara!! Really, I could read a lot into a shot like that.
Sorry Winter won't go away.
Amanda said…
Love the footprint in the snow! So cool!
NotJustLaura said…
We had snow here (Glasgow, Scotland) today too but it didn't lie for which I am grateful - I'm not a snow fan at all!
I won't talk about our weather here- let's just say we're a bit blessed right now. Spring will come- trust me! I just love love love that barefoot in the snow picture. I tried snapping one about a month ago but the glare was horrible. Have you brought in a branch to "force" it to bud in the house- that's always fun in late winter. Tissue paper flowers- I don't know.

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