put on your thinking cap

My first born son Aiden turns 6 at the end of this month. I think that is amazing. Really nothing changed my life more than Aiden's birth. Nothing.

He won some prizes at school today... but he didn't actually get them given to him since he was acting up... but that is not the point.
He won a pair of shorts and a book!
I am proud of my son. I think he is great.

He made a "thinking cap" today at school too...
I love all the colours he uses!

My kid is great.


Happy Birthday to your adorable little man!!

Sorry for the April Fool's joke on my blog. Haha! Thanks for the sweet words!!
Congrats to him on the prizes - and I love the colors in his thinking cap too! :)
the Haazens :) said…
Ok, so I think I will absolutely FREAK OUT when my oldest turns 6. Time does fly by doesn't it??!
Nissa said…
That thinking cap is so great! I wish my son did projects like that when he was younger. Heck, I wish he'd do some like that now!

mmichele said…
What a cutie!
HartofDixie said…
Those are cute stuff. Your Aiden is adorable.
Have a great day!

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