It is Sunday morning and I am at home rather than at church.

The boys were up late last night and both of them peed the bed in the night. Actually Owen peed the bed twice. So I was up really a lot with the boys.

And Olivia is still not feeling very well so I was up with her countless times through the night.

Basically I am exhausted. And my tendinitis is REALLY bad this week. My hands are all swollen and my arms are hurting. I can't even wear my wedding rings my fingers are so swollen.

Poor Owen. The first time he peed the bed he woke up soaking wet, blankets soaking wet, pillow soaking wet and he was FREEZING cold. Shivering. He came out of his room sobbing and shaking. I got him all changed and the bed all changed and got him settled and he fell back asleep. Then an hour later it all happened again. I couldn't believe it. Owen was so frustrated. I really felt bad for him.

I just couldn't handle going to church exhausted with three grumpy kids.

I am hoping that a calm morning at home will get the boys in a good mood for the birthday party they are going to this afternoon. But I must admit it is not going very well so far.

Owen is just miserable and has decided to take it out on the rest of us. He has been sent to his room for time out 3 times already. Now he is in there again for sticking his tongue out at me and throwing a toy at me. Lovely.

Aiden is actually being surprisingly good considering he was up late, up several times in the night and still got up at 6am. But he just won't stop pestering Owen to "play" with him... which for Aiden means "do what I say because I am the supreme commander of the universe and if you don't I will call you names and be generally mean to you".

And oh my house is such a mess. I mean really bad. And the basement carpet is damp from the rapidly melting snow and rain this week. Which is really not great since my mom is supposed to be moving in there in a couple weeks. Not that I have managed to get the basement livable for her yet. I am way behind.

And my laundry room is absolutely FULL of peed on clothes and sheets and quilts and I still haven't even gotten all the things Olivia puked on this week washed yet. I seriously have about 7 full sets of bedding to wash. Maybe more.

I am completely overwhelmed.

I walked into the kitchen awhile ago to make some tea and it made me all tense just being in there surrounded by mess. So instead of cleaning anything up I came back to my living room and walked all over the spilled cheerios and toys on the floor. Picked up my screaming Olivia (I had left the room and she was most upset with me) and she proceeded to wipe her snotty nose all over my shirt. Then Owen started his tantrum because he made the "w" wrong in his name on the picture he was making for his friend. Then Aiden got out the umbrella my mom bought him on friday and opened it up knocking over some more food onto the floor.

Good times.

There is mess everywhere I look but if I put Olivia down she screams. I need one of those cool mei tai baby carrier things or something. But really, I am just too tired and overwhelmed to do much cleaning anyway.

So here I sit with a grumpy little girl on my lap blogging.

Mommy of the year here.


Unknown said…
I'm reaching through the computer to give you a big virtual hug! I wish I could be there to help you. I could bring over my 3 kids and they could keep each other miserable and we could commiserate.

Natey's started wetting his bed, so I'm beginning to get a small feeling of what you must be going through.

Good for you for staying home this morning. Hope the party goes well.
Caroline said…
Do you have any ladies from church who could come over and give you a hand getting things in order. I would imagine any mother would understand how hard it is having sick kids for so long. I'm praying for you to have a calm and relaxing day with all three kids happy and healthy! Extra prayers for a good nights sleep:)
Mrs. Julie Fink said…
i sure with i lived next door to you and could come over and help you like i am able to reach out and help so many of the overwhelmed ladies of my church! i will pray that God sends some special encouragement your way!
You are a Mommy of the Year, you just can't see what we see. You know what I love about these times? Nothing. And what I really hate is when people say, "Cherish these moments because they're gone before you know it". Cherish washing bedding all the time? So, from one overwhelmed Mom to another, wanna forget it all and go out for a hot chocolate?
And I'm with Caroline-- please let someone from church know you need a break and give them a chance to serve the Pastor's Wife (whose life is based on serving everyone but herself).
Hey-- your word verification is gone-- I love it!
Grateful Gramma said…
Tara, please don't beat yourself up over this! Sometimes when we are overwhelmed, we NEED to sit down at the computer and blog or go eat a piece of chocolate or drive to Wal-Mart for stuff we could wait to buy. Anything that gives us a little room to breathe and allows us to begin to get our perspective back.

You've had a very rough day. Here's praying that joy will return to you in the morning!
Di said…
I think that not going to church and writing about your experiences may have been better for you than sitting at church with grumpy children. Besides which, since you are the pastor's wife, can't he do a replay of the service for you at home? :)
LizzyT said…
I hope everyone is feeling better soon :)
dlyn said…
Sorry you had such a rough day yesterday - hope things are looking up today.
And - I tagged you on my blog this morning :)
Everyone has these days. It'll get better! :-)
Robyn said…
Thanks for coming to Ryden's birthday! And the boys were awesome, what are you talking about, cranky kids?!?! They were so good at the party!! I'm sorry you were having such a rough morning :( You should have called & you could have came over earlier. You know you can do that, right? Cranky kids & all, because mine are most likely in the same mood! I hope you were able to relax & enjoy the party somewhat, if not the company!!

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