no more snow please!

Yesterday the kids and I got to play outside for awhile! It was cold but bearable. We got super cool splash pants in the mail from my mother-in-law (who can sew anything I am sure).Pink for sweet Olivia.
Red for my Owen- he LOVES red.

My mother-in-law made him that red sweater too :)
And blue for my Aiden.
Actually, my mother-in-law made THAT sweater too!
I told you she could make anything!

Even daddy was able to be out with us for a few minutes before work. And then we woke up to this...

Bah. Snow.


Anonymous said…
Hi Tara -- I tried to email you but it bounced.

You won the Shopaholic Diva pin in my Bloggy Giveaway.

You can go to my blog and under "categories", there is a contact page which you can send your info to me through email.

Winner's Announcement Post
The kids look like they were having a lot of fun outside! I'm sorry about the snow though, but if it's any consolation, I think we're supposed to get some too this week. Sigh.
Kristin said…
That footprint is so adorable!

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