Raspberry Seeds

Raspberry seeds annoy me.

I made a perfectly good smoothie with all sorts of yummy frozen fruit in it to fortify me for my marathon of bloggy giveaway entering.

I sat down at my computer.

I took a long sip of my fresh smoothie.

And got a whole bunch of icky raspberry seeds on my tongue.

I HATE that.

The really tragic part is that I absolutely ADORE the taste of raspberries.

Stupid seeds.


Misty said…
last i checked there were only 400 and some. There goes my hopes of entering the rest of the additions... no time for that.
If only I had a marathon seed smoothie to aid me! :)
Margaret said…
I feel the exact same way about raspberry seeds, and blackberry seeds too!
Anonymous said…
Hi Tara,
thanks for stopping by my blog and taking part in my Giveaway. As there hasn't been many people interested in my giveaway. I have decided to grant my time for everyone who has comment.
Hope to be of help to you with your son's issue.
I would need more details about your situation. Please e-mail me at r4playgroup@gmail.com

I like the seeds. I can't wait to have dentures so they can slip in under my plate and make me miserable :-)
Natalie said…
wow. that is a lot of giveaways. you need a power bar to go with that smoothie! :-) i hope you win something.

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