I like Monday

Mondays are a good day for us- it is my husband's day off.

My mom came over for the day and played with the kids which was nice.

Aiden went to school and brought home fabulous art work.

Olivia wanted to nurse ALL day long because she is teething her eye teeth right now.

Owen and Aiden and Olivia and I are all still VERY slowly recovering from this nasty cold/flu thing.

We all walked to the post office to pick up the mail after Aiden got home from school. And yes, we actually have to GO to the post office to get our mail. There are no mail carriers, no home delivery, just post office boxes.

Olivia enjoyed most of the walk. She enjoyed the sunshine. But she was miserable by the time we got home because she was overtired.
Every time I look at her these days I notice how big she is getting. My baby is not really a baby anymore. Part of me wishes I could hold on to her just like she is forever.

(But the other part of me really wants to sleep through the night again someday!)

I saw this video on Rocks In My Dryer just before I wrote this post... it made me cry.


Natalie said…
I totally hear you and wanting to sleep through the night again...I can't believe how I never appreciated sleep before. And now I long for it. LOL!

I'm glad you're all recovering from your illness!
Andrea said…
Cute pictures! And I love Mondays too...it's my hubby's day off as well. :) And sleeping through the night...hmmm, I guess it'll be a while before I get to do that again! Oh well. ;) I hope you have a great day today too!
Jenn said…
I loved that video too! Very emotional, especially since my daughters are always wanting to dance with their daddy.
Amy said…
beautiful song! lump in my throat as I thought of all the things i did today that didn't include playing with my daughter. i hope i get better with that before she's too old to want to play with me anymore.

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