Happy Earth Day!

A dear friend of mine (love to you Ginny on the Coast!)told me about this fabulous video and I would really like to share it with you all in honour of Earth Day today. It is called The Story of Stuff. Each video here is one part of the whole story and a few minutes long. All together it takes about 20 minutes but honestly it is worth the view!


the Doug said…
This is great!
I'm gonna be honest. I thought, "Who has 20 minutes, I'll watch one of the videos". In that video, I was told that my country sucks and basically that I should hug a tree... but I kept watching and holy cow was I educated. Ok, so I really am not against hugging bunnies and trees, I do recycle and I try to watch packaging on things-- but this has elevated me to a new level. Thank you for putting this out there, it really was impressive (and yes, I watched ALL of them-- guess I DID have 20 minutes)
JoAnn said…
I just love it when I see bloggers spreading the "truth" of our earthly crisis! Thanks for sharing this video, I blogged it today to help spread the word too. You might want to look into another video called "we feed the world" on google video. It's a documentary with more insight into this subject. OH! I've also added a link to your blog from mine. I'm loving what you're doing here.

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