Good Morning to you

Good morning world.

Here I am in all my 6 am glory!

It snowed here. I hate that. And the forecast says it will snow more. That displeases me. But I am in remarkably good spirits all things considered.

I am working valiantly to wean Olivia. It really is not going very well.

Well, I suppose it is going ok. Just slow. She wanted to nurse every 2 hours or so through the night so I was up an awful lot singing and rocking and what not to get her back to sleep without nursing. And I totally gave up at around 3am. I just laid down beside her and let her nurse the rest of the night. Oh well. I do have two other children to look after so its not like I can be completely incoherent. Plus Doug was at work until the wee hours of the morning so he couldn't help.

I'll just keep working at it. I know it will happen.

I am basically following the "no cry Sleep Solution" method. Mostly. But she definitely DOES cry. So I guess I have a bit of the Supernanny method thrown in there for good measure!

My mom is coming over today to help me get the basement ready for her to move in. Hopefully we get TONS done. She moves in 11 days.


Bebemiqui said…
I don't know how to turn my words into links...teach me Obi Won!
Robyn said…
HA! I have you beat today! The boys woke up at 5:34 this morning. Freaking AWESOME.
Tara said…
Wow, weaning and mom's moving in...sounds like a stressful time. Hope that you're getting sleep!

Your new blogging friend, Tah-ra, too :)
Anonymous said…
It snowed here today too:(
Unknown said…
I love you! I think you're great. You still make me smile. Just had ta say that.
Heather H said…
Good luck with weaning, luckily both mine did it pretty much on their own, the little one sooner then I would have liked actually. Hope you are getting some more sleep lately!

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