Cupcake poetry

The lovely ladies of Mommies United want me to write a poem today using the letters of the word "Cupcake"... clearly they do not know how incredibly challenged I am at writing poetry. The highlight of my poetry-writing career was when my friend Dale and I wrote a Shakespearean sonnet together entitled "The day I learned to spell Chicken was the happiest day of my life" in grade 12. Impressive title eh? The sonnet was equally impressive let me assure you.

Anyway, here is my (pathetic) attempt at a cupcake poem...

Cupcakes are fun
Uplifting treats to make
Pleasing to eat
Children love to decorate
Abandoning manners
Kitchen in a mess
Entirely happy

Are you impressed? You should be. I only got 5 hours of interrupted sleep last night.


the Doug said…
I laughed, I cried, that poem became part of me.
Unknown said…
I am impressed. It's lovely. And oh so true. Really, it is. Especially the messy kitchen part.
Hugely impressed! I could never have come up with that-- my favorite part being "abandoning manners". Well done poet, Tara. And Doug's a funny guy.
el Maggie said…
the fans demand the chicken poem . . .

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