Cupcake Extravaganza

The Mommies over at Mommies United are having a Sweet Extravaganza and giving away the coolest cupcake courier ever!

The kids and I made cupcakes this afternoon to fight off the never-ending-winter blahs!

Olivia really wanted to help and decided that sitting ON the table was her best chance of getting her fingers in those bowls!
I had a hard time getting the boys not to EAT all of the batter before it was cooked.

Daddy and Olivia had some fun banging on a metal bowl together.

The boys were very proud of their cupcakes.
Of course they refused to let the cupcakes adequately cool before decorating them.
Mmmmm... cupcakes.
And yes... it is still snowing. Sheesh.


Natalie said…
Those cupcakes holders look so cool, huh? It looks like you guys had fun making cupcakes. :)
Kristin said…
We also baked cupcakes today! Very cute and I love your sprinkles!! Thanks Tara for having fun with us this week!
Colleen said…
Oh, look at that boy's eyes!
Nissa said…
I love to see little bakers in action! Those cuties look so great (the cupcakes do, too!)

I really want to win one of those cupcake couriers,too! Or break down & buy one! lol

You are such a cool Mom, Tara. I mean it. You have to be exhausted (because we're living matching lives and I am walking dead right now), but you still find the energy to do these kinds of things with your kids. You're amazing!
I meant to mention that yesterday, I woke up all groggy. I looked out the window and blinked. Rubbed my eyes, and blinked. I couldn't believe it. We woke up to snow again! It snowed while the sun shined. Today it rained all day. I'm done with winter too.
Hadias said…
The best cupcakes are made with family.

I am going to approve your advert on my blog thank you for requesting to advertise.
Stacey Moore said…
yummy!! we finally got our cupcake post up!! if you get a chance check it out here:
Amanda said…
yummy cupcakes!!

we amde cupcakes to, come on over and see Samantha making them ALL BY HERSELF!

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