Canadians are people too!

I don't know what to get my son for his birthday.

This is stressing me out.

Everything he wants is way too expensive.

Or not available in Canada. (seriously)

Did you know that certain Lego things are not available in Canada? For example the Batman airplane thingy on the back of the lego package in my sons room. I looked it up on and it told me "not available in Canada". Stupid.

What is with things not being available in Canada? We're a pretty big country with a decent number of people. We have a working postal system. How hard could it be to ship things to Canada? Our dollar is almost the same as the US dollar right now and I shipped a book to the States a week ago and it only cost me a few dollars. Canadians are people too. We deserve to have the full selection of Lego. It's not like Canada is some remote island off the coast of some forgotten land with no easy access. Perhaps we should start withholding all of the natural resources we have until people are willing to ship things to Canada. HA... No water for you until we get Batman Lego! So there.

I have spent at LEAST a few hours looking at various web sites trying to find a suitable birthday present and it is clearly driving me insane.

Aiden wants the Transformers movie.

I won't get it for him because the LAST transformers ANIMATED movie we bought had a swear word in it. I don't need my son learning that particular word. And I looked on the Transformers movie web site and it is rated pg-13. My son is not even close to 13.

Aiden wants this huge spaceship from Star Wars Lego.

I won't get it for him because it costs TWO HUNDRED dollars. Seriously.

SO I think we may just have to make the trek into town to Wal-Mart and look around. $60 in gas and 3ish hours driving round trip to get to the nearest place with big stores. They better have something worthwhile.

I mean its not like the kid is lacking toys. He isn't. We have way too many toys. But if I get him something he needs... like shorts for the summer or new sandals or some such useful thing he will be MOST unimpressed. And I want him to be happy with his gift. It is his 6th birthday after all. Birthday gifts should be fun and frivolous... things you don't need but that are very cool to get.

I thought about getting him a ninja costume that they had on line at Sears... but then I had the mental picture of him racing through our house acting like a ninja and beating up his siblings. Maybe a ninja costume isn't the best idea.

I really think Lego is the way to go right now. The kid absolutely ADORES Lego. He plays with his lego for HOURS at a time. This afternoon when he got home from school the first thing he did was go sit at his Lego table and play for well over an hour. Owen was so annoyed. He had waited soooo long for Aiden to get home to play with him and then all he did was Lego.

Anyway... I am really hoping we can find something cool. And not too expensive.

The boys need some splash pants for school anyway. And I can't find any in our town. Which is really annoying.

And I need new t-shirts. Perhaps I can find some super cheap extra plus size plain old boring t shirts at Wal-Mart. If we go that is.

I think that just because I am fat I should not have to pay such large sums of money for a simple t-shirt. And why are all the shirts fitted these days? I don't want ANYTHING fitted to my ... um... rather largely shaped body. No one needs to see that.

And I also hate cramps.

So there.


Amanda Daybyday said…
Awesome post!

I agree on all counts. Except Will's not so into lego, so I don't have that problem. But he still wants $200 toys. But I have some time, Sept. is still a few months away.

And yes, it is 4:21am at this current moment. Miss Finn is teething and we've been up since 2am. Good times but I'm glad this post was hear to brighten up my night since Brian's working nights and I can't torment him with a crying baby.
Well, do you feel better getting that all out? I wish I could help you, but as you know, we're in the same boat. I can buy here and pay double or I can order from the states and have them tell me too bad. Did you try ebay? And ships, so you can avoid the three hours drive.
I ordered A2's bday things in Feb, had them shipped to my mom, who then shipped them to me but forgot and posted it PARCEL (which can take 2-3 months in our case). It just got here yesterday. I was sweating it! He's getting bedding-- how pathetic is it that I can't get sheets mailed to me (and I am NOT lame-- the kid reeeally wanted these sheets and comforter). Have a great shop...
Amy said…
you know, you might think i'm a total dork not knowing you at all but i'd be willing to pick up some legos for you and ship them up to you. i literally could have my hands on whatever you wanted in 1/2 an hour. just a thought and i'd be glad to do it. i live closeby ToysRUs, WalMart, Target, KMart and ShopKO so if you find something you'd like, honestly it would be no trouble! btw, you've been tagged.
Natalie said…
That's dumb that stuff like that isn't available in Canada. Sounds like you're even further away from Walmart than I am...we're just over an hour away and it's in another state. I hope you can find something really fun for him! Oh...and Transformers is definitely NOT a kid's movie. Good call there.
Andrea said…
I hear you! There are a lot of things I'd like to get from the usa, but they won't ship here! OR, if they do and if the item is too expensive you have to pay a big duty drives me nuts. The usa people don't pay duty fees when we ship them stuff!
el Maggie said…
Go for the ninja suit. Just remind him that ninjas are actually stealthy and quiet. And try to withhold all information about throwing stars.

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