Aiden and Blogger: A Conspiracy

For some unknown reason blogger will only let me put pictures of Aiden up today. Not any of my other kids. Apparently blogger feels that I have not had enough Aiden time on this blog.

Aiden loves to be the center of attention so I am sure he has been conspiring with blogger.

I think a lot of things are conspiring against me these days. For example it is supposed to SNOW here again this weekend. I hate snow. I am done with snow. I want SPRING. It's just wrong.

I have been trying desperately to wean Olivia and it is NOT going well. In fact the more I try to wean her the more insistent she is on breast feeding CONSTANTLY. So finally this afternoon I took the plunge into letting her cry it out a bit. I nursed her and then put her in her crib. She freaked. I sang to her. She cried. I patted her back. She sobbed. I picked her up after awhile to calm her down and make sure she knew I still loved her then I put her back in her bed. She freaked again. And so on and so forth. She finally went to sleep after a full hour of fun.

But something has to be done. Last night she wanted to nurse ALL NIGHT LONG! This is not ok with me. I am depressed enough without adding total full on sleep deprivation to the picture. And hey, I'm not expecting to sleep through the night or anything crazy like that. I just want a few hours in a row.

Olivia just woke up and she is SO mad at me. Ouch.


Just Me said… HOW do I enter your giveaway?? Remember, you are dealing with someone who is still 'challenged' by computers, so go easy on me...but I do wantto enter - let me know how!
Alicia said…
I know I never post and I hardly ever look at blogs, but.... The nursing all night must be an age thing - Alex has recently decided that he can't sleep for more then an hour with out nursing - and my husband is gone all week, wah!

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