The birds have returned

The birds have returned and I am so pleased! This lovely robin was hanging out in our yard today and it made me smile just to see him!

Despite the fact that it snowed...

It wasn't very much (so far) and it all melted during the day. YAY!

We all had a pretty good day today. Owen drew me a very cute picture on his chalkboard.

It is a picture of him and I and "hearts for love because we love each other". He was so very sweet today. He was also very proud of his ninja turtle jammies.

Grandma spent some time reading stories to the kids. All three of them compete for her attention and get rather jealous when she pays attention to someone other than themselves.

Aiden was glad that daddy was home to play Lego with today. And he looks cute even with food on his face.

This is Owen saying "hands up" to me.

And here is Olivia modelling her third pair of baby legs...

But she had to change several times today because she kept dumping her food all over herself.

Today was a good day. But it looks like it is going to snow more... boo. I can't wait until it is definitely spring and we can play outside all day long.


Anonymous said…
I love that you captured the kids with Grandmother...that will be a great memory for them! And look at those little leg warmers...awwww..cute!
Happy happy children! Sorry about the snow-- that is just wrong when the rest of the world is celebrating the arrival of Spring weather (not THIS "rest of the world", trust me). Did I win yet? :-)
Stacy said…
So cute! We love babylegs over here as well!
Heather H said…
That is a puffy little robin, your worms must be YUMMY! Your little Olivia is too precious with her Baby Legs!

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