Back to school

Today was the boys' first day back at school after Spring Break. They were both pretty excited to go back which was nice. I was VERY excited for them to go back too!

Owen told me that he is so excited that the snow is melting because soon there will be PUDDLES to jump in! I completely agree. Puddle jumping is one of the best spring activities around.

Owen comes home just before lunch and he fell fast asleep on the couch for 2 hours! School is hard work! This is Owen telling me not to take his picture. I don't know why but he has a thing about it.

Aiden had a bit of a rough day at school though. He said he had fun. He apparently had a tough time listening today. Hopefully he will get back into it pretty quickly.
Neither one of my sons is good at eating what I send them in their lunches to school. So they are starving when they get home.
Here Owen is destroying his cheese sandwich that he ASKED me to make for him and then didn't eat. Sheesh.
I suppose he ate a couple of bites... but the rest ended up on my living room floor. Gotta love it.


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