Art by Owen

My sweet son Owen made these for me...He wrote ALL of our names ALL BY HIMSELF! He is only four you know and I am very proud.

Then he drew this picture of the five of us...
Daddy is the tall skinny one, Owen is the one with the huge eyes, Olivia is the one that looks like a martian with three eyes and four legs, I'm the one with the pony tail and Aiden is the one that is only "sort of smiling".

Owen is such a sweet heart. He is always telling me he loves me and giving me presents. Today he told me he would buy me flowers because he loves me. Sigh. What a great kid.

And you can all remind me how great he is when he throws his next tantrum ok? Because wow, he has a BRUTAL stubborn streak.

This morning I took Owen to school.

We got there and the place was completely empty.

There was no school today.


Owen said "Why did we come to school on the wrong day mom?" and I said "because I got confused honey" and he said "that's ok mommy. I love you."

What a great kid.


Robyn said…
Bwhahaha. I mean. Oops. Bet you felt real bright, huh? Hope your day was ok, even if you did to lost a kid for a morning.
Lori Jolliffe said…
Awww that is so cute that he said he loves you anyhow:) Kids can really pump you up sometimes.

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