A Quiet House?

I am having a very odd experience right now.

My house is quiet.

The boys are at school.

Doug is at work.

Olivia is asleep.

Aiden has taken to watching TV while sitting on Olivia's rocking horse. I find it funny. I really need to cut that boys hair but he is SO against it! He insists that getting his hair cut hurts.
Owen fell asleep again for 2 hours after school yesterday... I wonder if he will be exhausted again today. I think being sick really took it out of him. Poor kid. He even lost a few pounds from not eating for so many days.

Olivia has been enjoying taking all the papers out of my little filing cabinet and throwing them all over the floor. She is very pleased with herself and this newfound ability. It doesn't thrill me nearly as much as her!

I think Olivia and I are finally starting to feel better too. Which is a huge relief! We walked the boys to school this morning and she loved being outside. Of course by the time we got home she had managed to take off both her mittens and one of her socks and she put the sock on her hand. She is so funny.

I've been trying to come up with some ideas for Aiden's birthday party at the end of the month. If anyone out there has any fabulous FREE birthday party ideas for a 6 year old boy feel free to let me know! Keep in mind we might still have snow outside otherwise I would just take them all to the park.

Oh I really can't wait for spring.


mama2dibs said…
Aren't kids great? They come up with some of the greatest new tricks. Some are fun and some are...well, not so much. They're usually still cute though. :)
debrowns said…
I think you need to update this post Tara. Although Doug may be at work it should probably read, "Doug is asleep at work". At least that's what his blog says!


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