where do I begin?

My mom moved into our house yesterday. Mostly. There is still a bunch of stuff that we need to get from her place but her bed is here now so this is officially where she lives.

My boys were so excited that they woke up at 5 am this morning and went downstairs to my mom's space and woke her up. Lucky Grandma.

We also had a meeting at the school about Aiden's assessment yesterday. Basically we figured out that he doesn't fit nicely into any handy category. We know it isn't ADD and it isn't Autism. Aiden definitely has sensory issues. Our wonderful friend and Occupational therapist Jon graciously offered to come to the meeting and share his wisdom. Yay! He thinks something called Apraxia might be something Aiden is dealing with. I'll have to research it and get back to you about what that means! But basically it means he has trouble sequencing and transitioning and such. It was a helpful meeting.

But exhausting at the same time.

Part of me just wants someone to say "Aiden has issue xyz and here is a pill to cure it". The knowledge that this will be something my son will be dealing with FOREVER is sad to me.

The assessment team are referring us to our family doctor for a full physical for Aiden, an assessment by a wonderful Speech therapist who also happens to know Aiden personally, and they are going to set it up so that I can go into his classroom at some point and observe. We also might put a video camera up for a couple hours so I can see how he is without me there!

They are also going to teach me how to integrate the schedule systems and communication systems they use at school at home so that there is more continuity for Aiden, thereby causing him less stress to transition from home to school and back again.
Schedules are not my strong point so I am a little nervous about it. But I think it will be good for everyone in the long run.

AND my sweet boy turns 6 tomorrow. I can't believe I have a 6 year old. Wow. And what a six years it has been... this child has changed my entire world completely and in the process changed me. I'm a mom now. And for me that means I am a whole other person than the one I was before my sweet Aiden came into my life!


Misty said…
I love the Mac photo booth...

I wish my mom would move here... I am a little jealous. She is visiting in a few weeks, ask me if I still wish this, AFTER that. :)

Happy birthday to your boy tomorrow!
Amanda Daybyday said…
Happy Birthday Aiden!!!

Man, I hear you about just wanting to know what it is and how to fix it. I wish there was a pill to fix Finleigh too.

But it sounds like you have a great team behind you, and that's half the battle. I'm glad you're at least getting some help and some answers.
Anonymous said…
Your blog for today brought tears; children do change our lives, and we do have to surrender.You have a great team and I know you will come up with a magic solution - perhaps there are no real generic fixes, only specific ones. And Aiden is old enough to be a great leader on the Aiden team. Shine on.

Happy Birthday to Aiden and to Mom and Dad, as you remember when your lives changed so much.

And Happy new beginning for Grandma.

Love from G. on the Coast/Anon.
Kristin said…
Happy birthday!!
On another note!
Hey will you come sit at my table? if you need any help I can help you it's so easy. You can see my post below but I tagged you to come sit at my table for the blog bash. Your entry must get in very soon!! And you get two entries for sitting at my table.

email me if you need any help it should be a lot of fun I am going to be a hostess if I can get everyone to do this! :)
I'm sending SO many positive vibes your way. It can be so frustrating wanting, yet not wanting, to know what you can label your child.

Amanda said…
Our prayers are with you guys! It seems like you have a lot of resources for Aiden and you guys. I think this is key, to surround yourself with friends, and educated friends can be even more helpful!!!
That is awesome! Even if I don't know what it is, it must feel so good to hear someone say, "yes, you were right, there is something we need to achknowledge with your child". And Happy birthday-- wow, six. I love that age!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Aiden! I can't believe its been 6 years already. It really doesn't seem that long ago.

Leslie R
Jenn said…
You are fortunate to have a good team of people working with you and Aiden. Something to be thankful for, even if you can't "label" whatever he has...yet.
Oh I hope you can get some answers and that the plan you have worked out helps. We're going through something similar to a lesser degree with Abby - she just doesn't seem to 'fit' in any category either.

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