We love Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia

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This week my boys received letters from their Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia who live very far away from us. They were ecstatically happy. The joy on their faces was a wonderful sight to see!
They insisted on putting the pictures that Uncle Dave drew them up on their walls. Owen's picture is of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Aiden's is of Spiderman.
So thank-you Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia for the incredible gift! It made them feel so special. And we are ALL very impressed with Uncle Dave's artistic abilities!


Mee mOe said…
so sweet...and thanks for posting my encard on your blog...*Smiles*
Julia Smith said…
Hi - I've popped over from West of Mars just in time to laugh my head off over 'Uncle Dave & Auntie Julia'. Only because I was once roommates with a fine fellow named Dave.

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