Wall art

My sons made me a beautiful picture today... on the wall of my closet. Wonderful thought... but not the best idea they have ever had. Of course I really don't mind the writing on the wall since it was the back wall of the closet and all. But my husband does. He REALLY minds. I figure it is just not that big of a deal and not worth getting upset over. Besides, it was really cute.

They came to me in the bathroom while I was bathing Olivia and told me they had a surprise for me. Aiden said "I made you a love picture. I even put your name on it. And mine so you would know who we are. We used your special pens".

My special pens are Sharpie pens. Permanent marker. Perfect.

Still, it was adorable. And I got all mushy just seeing that he wrote "mom" all by himself. Even if it was on the wall.

Even Owen drew his own name.

Of course they also drew on the main walls of the bedroom too... and I am really hoping Magic Eraser works on permanent marker.

After I admired their work I told them that I didn't want them to draw on the walls anymore. Then they BOTH hugged me and THANKED me that I wasn't mad at them.

They really are very sweet... albeit a tad on the destructive side.


Caroline said…
You've got to keep the markers out of reach!:) Have you considered painting a wall with a chalkboard surface? Provide a bucket of sidewalk chalk and have a wall writing free for all. I've never actually done this, but it looks easy on TV!
the Doug said…
i wasn't that upset... i just looked like it.
Robyn said…
Doug's a liar. LOL. How cute! But just sos ya know. Mr Clean doesn't like Sharpies. You need the heavy duty stuff, & an SOS. Good luck!
Magic marker works on everything! I would buy a case of it, only the paint in this house comes up with it (it comes up with water as well). Magic marker even cleans the grout between your floor tiles if you're bored and have nothing better to do.
Di said…
We used to call Sharpies "Teacher Markers."

We bought an investment/vacation home in Florida (proved to be a lovely vacation spot, but a bad investment!) which was built in 1982 and had pretty much not been touched since.

So we let the kids go crazy in one bedroom with finger paints. It became kind of a rite of passage for anyone who came to visit to write their name or other message on the wall.
HotMama Mathe said…
i admire you for not getting irritated with such things. I usually get upset about the mess when kids write on surfaces they are not supposed to. but you are right, it's the thought that counts and that was sweet of your little angel to draw that for you.
Megan said…
You have a beautiful family. Thanks for stopping by and entering my contest. You have a ticket in the hat! Good luck!
Totallyscrappy said…
You will look back in years to come and at least be thankful that you took a picture. I know I am thankful I took pictures of some of the destruction my boys performed!
LOL! We have doors and walls still bearing lovely marks of all sorts! The only problem with the "cuteness" is that it isn't as cute when it is done all over the dining room wall just before guests arrive heehee! Have fun painting over it :)

That was so cute. I would keep it forever since its inside of the closet wall.
Nokomis said…
Great work.

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