Think Right Things

After Aiden was done school today we all packed into the van (my mom included) and headed to the next town over to do our major grocery shopping trip. The grocery store in the next town over is larger and has a Dairy Queen nearby which we use as a bribery tool to get the kids to go to the grocery store!

Anyway, the boys were bickering in the back seat and at one point - after we had gotten after them for about the zillionth time- Aiden says "Owen is easy to make cry. I don't WANT to make him cry, I just want to make him think the right things!".

Oh if only we could make people think the right things!

In other news I have done something to my back and it hurts. Horribly. I took some muscle relaxants and my mom gave me a wonderful massage (she is a wonderful masseuse) and I am really hoping to wake up tomorrow with a pain free back.


Robyn said…
Woo! Another good point to having mom move in! Free massages!! Because we're excited Grandma is moving in, right? RIGHT??? I was so bored today & was going to call you, but good thing, since you went to Melfort. And, I had camera stress :( Then no camera stress, then some more again. What a rotten day. So. Now that I've written a blog post in your comments, I'm heading to bed!!! Later chicky!
Oh! I hope you're moving around soon-- that's all you need as a Mom of little beings-- how do you pick them up, bathe them, do the laundry...hmm, wait a minute... ;-)
I do hope you're feeling better soon!
Judy said…
I want to make people think the right things, too.

So sweet.

Sorry about your back.
Bebemiqui said…
Sorry about your back...are you sure it's not your rib? ;0)

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