Tea Party

Mommies United is hosting a tea party today!
Olivia and I would like to welcome you to our little tea party. Here is some wonderful tea in the beautiful tea cups I inherited from my sweet Grandma.
Take off your coat and stay awhile!

Imagine yourself somewhere beautiful, surrounded by lovely springtime flowers with warm sunshine on your face.

Please ignore the piles of snow everywhere. Olivia and I are pretending that our tea party is happening outside somewhere warm and springlike. Perhaps a lovely island somewhere.We are listening to the sound of ocean waves and singing birds. We can smell all those beautiful springtime flowers. Everywhere you look are blooming trees and green grass.

And we are definitely NOT still in wintertime surrounded by snow.
Everything is peaceful and we are sipping yummy chai tea and chatting about our lives and loves.

Wasn't that lovely?

Come back anytime.


Amanda said…
thanks for playing! I have a tea post up on my blog. stop by when you get a chance!
Margaret said…
That was lovely!
I love a tea party.
Colleen said…
It was lovely. Can you do that again?
Angie said…
Perfect! The pictures are wonderful! She is precious! I didn't get here in time for tea...but that's okay. :)
I have added you to the give-away...gladly!
Your blog is neat!
What a fun post, my little Olivia and I had fun pretending we were there!
Kristi said…
Olivia has such pretty eyes. I love the picture of her looking out the door. I have one of my two boys doing the same pose back when they were both in diapers. I love backwards shots like that.

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