Take the bad with the good

The bad news is my back is still brutally sore. It is a little bit better than yesterday but not a whole lot. While my husband was home I took some muscle relaxant pills and they zonked me right out. I fell asleep for a couple of hours! And they did ease the pain some. Besides, pain is much less noticeable when you are asleep. I haven't taken any more though since my husband can't just hang around with us all day what with having a job and all. However I fully intend on taking more once he gets home late tonight.

All three of my kids seem to be getting yet another cold. Coughing and runny noses and such... hopefully it doesn't get any worse.

The good news is that my sweet friends came over to visit me this morning. It was lovely .We don't seem to be able to get together all that often these days and it was really nice just to relax and laugh together. I love you Becky and Cecile and I am so very grateful for your friendship. Thanks for helping to keep me sane!


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