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I was tagged by Jenny at Up the Hill Gang to list 7 things about me, so here it goes!

1. I have asthma and I hate it.

2. I LOVE ice cream. And whipped cream. And cream sauces. Anything creamy really. Which does not help me lose weight.

3. I once had an orange kitten that I named "Friend". I was 4 I think. He abandoned me to live at a neighbours house. She had no children, fed him table food and let him sleep on her pillow. I guess that seemed better to him than the mauling 4 year old who would brush his hair and try to dress him up. Some friend he turned out to be!

4. My very best friend in the whole wide world growing up was Tinuviel. We used to laugh for HOURS with each other. She now lives in Arizona and of course I live VERY far away from her. We haven't seen each other since my wedding almost nine years ago, although we have kept in touch.
Tinuviel is the tiny one. I'm the one all in white.

5. When I was in kindergarten I went part time to a daycare / play school and my teacher's name was Mrs. Hope. I adored her. Her name was perfect for her.

6. When I was in grade two I had a really nasty teacher. Our class was in an outdoor portable (a classroom in a trailer not attached to the school). One day I asked to go to the bathroom and she wouldn't let me. I peed my pants. I wearing my pretty yellow dress. I was horribly embarrassed. Other kids peed their pants that day too. She was really mean. My mom complained LOUDLY to the principal. It never happened again.

7. I prefer long flowy skirts. Fitted ones make me feel self conscious. I'm a flower child at heart.

Ok... I will now tag 7 of my fellow pastor's wives to do this little meme...

1. Shash,
2. Super Mom,
3. Joann,
4. Crickl.
5. Moose
6. Tara Sloan
7. Melissa


Anonymous said…
Hi Tara!

I already did this little meme about a week ago. It is right here.

Yours were cool. I loved the things about friends...even if they were cats. Next time you need a friend though....I suggest a dog. ;)
Unknown said…
I will do this, just hang on a bit. This weekend is the church's 15th birthday and guest speakers... Keep me accountable to do it! :-)
Anonymous said…
Cool Beans! So sorry about "Friend"...what a dirtbag cat! lol!!
Tara Sloan said…
I did it!!! Thanks for thinking of me! http://tarasloan.blogspot.com/2008/03/im-it-7-things-meme.html
Count me in...it may be a couple of days, but I can do it. We are getting ready to go out of town for 9 days, so I will have some time while we are vacationing!

Thanks for thinking of me!!!

Take Care,

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Anonymous said…
Ohh!!! I just now found this. I'll do it and get back with you. BTW -- I love, love, love your new layout.
joannmski said…
Mine was a few days back! Thanks :-)

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