We are all still sick.

Except my dear hubby...He is still well. Thanks God! I would be in a whole lot of trouble without him. He has a new blog template up and some cute pictures he took. Go see.

This is what my boys did almost all day yesterday....

Today they are still in their jammies and still in almost the same positions. Poor kids. We got them started on a prescriptions this morning so hopefully that will help.

And can I just take this moment to say how grateful I am for our family doctor? She is wonderful. I called her this morning and she asked me a whole bunch of questions and just called in a couple prescriptions for me. She didn't even make me haul all the kids in to see her. She thinks Olivia 's sickness won't be helped by a prescription but because Aiden was complaining about his ears hurting and Owen was complaining of headaches she thought drugs would help them.

I'm really glad I am still breastfeeding Olivia because I think that is helping her stay relatively happy. And she doesn't get nearly as sick as the boys do. Even when she is sick she is still fairly easy to please.

The boys took a short break from their marathon of tv watching to "help" me do this post...

Olivia tried to help me drink my tea too... fortunately I had already finished it so she only got a few cold drops!
And my head still feels like it is going to explode.
I really do think that there should be some sort of rule that mommy can't be sick while she has three sick babies. Of course the good part is that my boys' fevers are keeping them relatively mellow.

So thank-you modern technology for the gift of kid's television. I am ever so grateful for you this week.


I'm so sorry that everyone's sick all at the same time - that stinks. Hoping the tv will continue to keep them entertained and that everyone will be feeling better soon... :)

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