the post in which I try to be positive

Well... it is 6:07am and I thought I would mention of a few of the GOOD things happening in my life since no one likes a whine-fest. Even if I have plenty to whine about since I am so sick.

1. My husband made us an amazingly tasty turkey dinner yesterday. It was so good. And the turkey was one we got for free with a coupon!

2. no one threw up all night long. Yay!

3. I went to bed at 8 pm last night. I was asleep before 9 pm. Even with all the times Olivia woke up I still got a relatively decent sleep.

4. We participated in Earth hour last night and I think that's cool.

5. We were sent an amazing gift in the mail this week from some very special people whom we love.

6. I think Owen is actually starting to feel better. He is the reason I am up right now. He is wide awake. Aiden is still sleeping... which is very odd.

7. My throat can't hurt forever.

8. Winter can't last forever. Even though it is snowing right now. Spring has to come. It's a rule.

9. Aiden and Owen go back to school on Tuesday. YAHOO!!

10. I have lots of new books to read. It makes me feel happy just knowing I have a stack of shiny, unread books. Even if I only get to read a page at a time.


Monique said…
There's nothing wrong with whining :)

Sometimes its necessary.

I totally missed out on Earth Hour last night, which was a real bummer. I called for a 30 minute warning before we were due to start and the next thing I knew I looked up and it was 8:49.
Amy said…
i only have one child but i can relate and say that being a mom is the worst when you're sick. i sincerely hope you're feeling better soon. thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. i find your blog equally delightful...REALLY! i love the layout your easy posting style. it sort of reminds me of mine in a way. i hope to see you again, but you'll be seeing more of me i'm afraid. take care!
Anonymous said…
Great for you to turn off lights for Earth Hour, especially when you have so much going on with health distractions.

I found it so relaxing. It has been over 10 years since I lived without electricity and easy so see that I take it for granted.

May your health improve and spring bring bounce.
Amanda said…
Way ta be positive. Some pretty good things, I'd say. I hope you're feeling better soon, my friend.
Bebemiqui said…
So sorry to hear you're still sick :0(
What was the great gift from friends??
el Maggie said…
It would SEEM that winter can't last forever. But, when I was walking to work through thick flakes of snow looking at 6 foot tall banks of snow on APRIL 1, I couldn't help but wonder if this year will be the exception that proves the rule . . . good grief, I just want to ride my bike and go somewhere without having to bundle up!

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