My crazy eye infection cure

The ladies over at Mommies United want me to post my favourite tip on here today... well... my absolute most favourite tip is a tad unorthodox.

It is a home remedy of sorts.

I learned it from my mother who learned it from her eye specialist. My mom has Graves disease which makes you extremely prone to eye infections. She gets at least a couple per month.

When Aiden was a baby he got pink eye and it was brutal. We had prescription drops that we were supposed to put in his eyes and he SCREAMED and flailed and it was nearly impossible to get them in. He hated getting them and we hated giving them. And after all that fuss they didn't even work. We were so frustrated.

I told my mom and she told me the trick she had learned.

Vodka. Not to drink.

You put a little bit of vodka on a clean cotton ball and swipe it over your eyelids... or the eyelids of your child. It does sting a bit briefly but it doesn't last long. Do this a few times a day and the infection will go away in a day or two.

And you know that horrible grainy feeling in your eyes when you have an infection? This gets rid of that feeling completely.

It can be done several times in the first day and often that will be enough.

The beauty of this is that your child can be ASLEEP when you do it so they don't even have to KNOW they are being treated.

Aiden's eye infection was gone within 24 hours. It was such a huge relief!

We told our pediatrician about it and she said "Oh ya, that works really well but it stings".

We have used this remedy on ALL of us and it works like a charm. One of those teeny tiny little bottles of vodka lasts us months and months.

Several years ago Doug and I were at his cousin's wedding and I got hit with a brutal eye infection. We were nowhere near home and no doctor's were open by the time the wedding was over. So we got a little vodka, I wiped it over my eyes a couple times and by morning I was cured.

Really, it works.

Even if it sounds crazy.


Shanda said…
Fantastic tip! I would have never thought that would work. Great idea!! Thanks for supporting us!
Jenn Phipps said…
I have been trying this on both girls this week. Worth a try!
Stacey Moore said…
great tip!! check out our tip if you get a chance!! happy easter
Crafty Mama said…
I'll definitely be trying this on the next infection.
Vodka in your eyes. Hmmm... Pretty clever. I wonder who it was that figured that one out!
Di said…
Brilliant!'s not just for kamikaze shots anymore!

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