Laughter is the best Medicine

I think my household has finally started to feel better... Olivia was happier today...
and looking as adorable as ever... even with the drippy nose, pale face and dark circles under her eyes!
We stayed home from church this morning (except Doug of course) because I just didn't think it wise to take a household of sickies to a public place. Aiden and Owen were back to playing together (and fighting of course) for at least SOME of the day...
but poor Owen fell asleep on the couch while Aiden played with my friend Becky's daughter for an hour or two this afternoon. And BOTH of them were in bed asleep by 6:30pm tonight. They are just so wiped out.
And I was most thoroughly blessed by my sweet friend Becky's visit. We sat together, we chatted and we laughed. I felt significantly better after her visit. And I am sure she felt significantly thirstier since I AGAIN failed to offer her anything to drink. I am the best hostess EVER!

I want to wake up completely well tomorrow morning. I really do. Because wow do I ever have a TON of housework to catch up on.


I'm glad that things are starting to turn around in your house!
Blow the housework off one more day and get your much needed rest. I'm glad things are on the upswing for you-- we had SUN today, did you have any?
Bebemiqui said…
It's cool how good friends can aid the health. I think we discount good friendship too much when it comes to our well being.

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