Late night thoughts

My sweet little girl is teething. Harshly. I held her pretty much all day. She puts her sweet little hand up to her mouth and looks at me with her big eyes and just cries and drools. Poor thing. Even WITH baby tylenol she is having a tough go of it.

Aiden has another ear infection. He got it the day after he went swimming so I'm not sure if he got a bunch of pool water in his ear or something. Can that give you an ear infection? I have no idea. My mom graciously took him to the doctor last night because Doug was working and Olivia is miserable. They had to wait well over an hour to see the doctor but once they saw her she sent Aiden home with meds. He is doing quite a bit better as of bed time tonight. He was really hurting so I am relieved it isn't as bad now.

I got lots of ear infections as a kid so I suppose it is probably just genetic. But man! As if my son doesn't have enough to deal with being asthmatic and having sensory issues! He just can't catch a break and stay well for longer than a couple weeks at a time it seems.

I sure didn't get a whole lot of cleaning done today. Mostly I just held Olivia. On the up side I got to take a nap with her (since she wouldn't sleep unless I was holding her). Doug took the boys outside for awhile. I am so glad it is warming up!

Our crazy cat has a death wish I think. Seriously. He actually runs out in front of cars on a really regular basis. Not only does he run out in front of them, he waits until they are close and THEN runs in front of them. He also likes to wait behind them as they back up. Crazy feline.

We did MASSIVE grocery shopping yesterday since we got paid and I must tell you it feels lovely to have a stocked fridge! God is extremely gracious to us.

When I was out of milk I kept thinking of all the people out there who are out of milk more often than not. Or how about all those sweet babies slowly starving to death in various countries around our world? Sad. God has blessed me so very much. I am so thankful.

I found it hard to tell my sons that we didn't have any milk to give them when they asked ... imagine having to watch your baby starve to death?

Nope. I have absolutely no reason to complain.


Robyn said…
Oh sweetie, we have so been there. It sucks, but everything manages to work out in the end. Giant hugs to you.

It is quite possible (and happens a lot!) to get ear infections after swimming. Ask about ear plugs, especially if you are planning on lessons this summer!! I hope the meds helped & he's 100% again!! We get to go swimming tomorrow, for Anson's hockey windup, yay (or, grr, take your pick).

And your cat? Yeah. The Evil Kinevil of all cats. Stupid thing sat in the middle of your driveway the one day I was there. I was like, HELLO! Move cat!! Haha. Silly thing, with it's floppy ear!!

Love ya! Call me if you ever need a chat!!!
Anonymous said…
Your children are so loved and respected. You make it so clear for non parents how to let them grow in their own loving ways.

The challenges you reveal are what so many of us hide - you are a beacon of reality.

Health, poverty the big challenges that can stike anyone anywhere.

Glad your foundation of love is so unshakeable. Yay Tara, Yay Doug. Blessings on all your family.

Love from G. on the coast - who can't figure the technology beyond "anonymous."
Bebemiqui said…
I hear ya girl! I'm there with ya!
For ears: a natural remedy that I got for my kiddos was collodial silver. You just drop a couple of drops in their ears and it helps. Olive oil is supposed to help too.
I find myself randomly praying for you sometimes.
Glad to have you as a friend.
Shash said…
God is good all the time! We've been the same boat with the milk - we only had powder skim milk left in the cupboards, not a good feeling but wonderful to see God working in your lives.
Anonymous said…
I have been there, and you know it!! I keep prayin... I hope all is well now... I keep thinking of you and the family!

God is Awesome with all he does give... and I know that things seem so over the top and that you will never get over it... it too will pass.

I also understand what it is like to have a child that you feel like saying, "Come on, give her a break, hasn't enough stuff happened... or hasn't she gone through enough".

I keep prayin, as there isn't much I can do from so far away, but if there is ANYTHING you need, you know where I am!!!

CHristine and Brianna

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