I'm all done with snow

Today has been a bit of a rough day so I am sharing some more sweet pictures of my Olivia because she makes me smile.

My little girl LOVES shoes. I mean she really loves her shoes. Not necessarily to WEAR the shoes... but to play with them and carry them around.

Here she is picking up a pile of her shoes that she brought out from her closet...Now she is carrying them over to me...
She is very proud of herself...
And she drops them in my lap (yes... I am still wearing my super comfy flannel nightie that my Mother in Law made me for Christmas).

Here are some shots my husband took...I absolutely ADORE my children's laughter. There really is no better sound.

But mostly today Olivia has looked like this...Her teeth are really bothering her. Poor kid.

It is snowing. Again. I need spring.


Michele said…
I'm done with snow too. Beautiful kids! What amazing eyes.

Beautiful blog, too, by the way. Keep at it!
Aww, poor thing. I hope her teeth come through soon and leave her laughing and smiling again!

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