I love Vader's Mom

A couple weeks ago I won some truffles (yum!) from Stacy at Vader's Mom and being that Stacy is the sweetest lady around she sent me several lovely books along with the truffles!
Thanks for the wonderful surprise Stacy! You rock.

And just in case you were all wondering... yes... we are still all sick.
Owen has spent most of the day somewhere between asleep and awake. He has the most beautiful big eyes normally but right now they are all horribly blood shot! It makes me so sad!
Even my Aiden, who USUALLY has an ABUNDANCE of energy has been rather listless.
The most energy the boys had today was when they switched couches for awhile.

Olivia is trying valiantly to be her sweet self. She got another tooth but it doesn't seem to have helped any.
She threw her lunch all over the floor- crackers, cheese and frozen peas. Frozen peas are one of her favourite things... I think they help sooth her sore gums.
She was rather unimpressed with me that I tried to feed her real food at all.

Do you like the mess behind Olivia? You should see the rest of my house. Sheesh.

Olivia had a brief nap and I am really hoping we all can get a decent sleep tonight. We need it.


Ok, now I REALLY want to come visit. Books and chocolate. I could even help with the kids Unless I brought mine, and then we'd just have chaos).
Get better soon!
oh, and I have a pretty little button on my blog.
Vader's Mom said…
Glad they got there...you do realize you won one of the books as well, right? You just won the chocolate the next week and I shipped it all together!
Caroline said…
So, so sorry you've all been so sick. Hopefully tomorrow will find at least some of you feeling better. By the way - you've been tagged!
Amy said…
oh wow, the pressure! I hope if you just get a prize from me, that will be enough. ;)

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