Grandma's birthday

Today we celebrated my mom's 65th birthday. It was a lovely day.
My husband made us a wonderful supper with hand made pasta and everything. He is fabulous.

My boys always love having grandma over to play and they thought it was just amazing that anyone could be as "old" as 65. A couple of mom's friends came over for tea and cake this afternoon and my boys helped grandma blow out her candles. They were slightly unimpressed that there were only 2 candles ( a 6 and a 5) instead of 65 individual candles!

I attempted to clean the house but ended up stacking a whole pile of junk at the end of our kitchen table. Stuff I just didn't have the energy to find a place for! So we all squashed to the end of the table to eat they yummy supper Doug made.
Owen managed to give himself a black eye this week... he swung a toy around and smacked himself in the face with it.
Aiden used a bowl as a helmet for awhile after the cake-sugar high.
Grandma got lots of snuggle time with Olivia.
She even gave Olivia her bath.
Olivia LOVES her bath... but she insists on pulling the plug out every opportunity she gets and ends up with very little water.

And of course she wanted to chew on MY toothbrush and Grandma GAVE IT TO HER!!! Olivia definitely has Grandma wrapped around her little finger.The boys and I decorated the house with paper ring chains...
I like them. I think I may leave them up for awhile!
The boys made Grandma fridge magnets for her birthday. They painted all these little wooden figures and I put magnets on the back...
Her fridge will never be the same I'm sure.

Happy Birthday Grandma. We love you!


A very happy birthday wish!!!

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