Good mail

I won this book from Stone Soup and it came in the mail today! It is even signed especially for me by the author!
Mail is so much more fun to get when it is something other than bills! So thank-you so much Katrina and Joshilyn!

I had parent teacher interviews today with both the boys' teachers. All is well and there were no surprises... which is always a good thing.

Olivia was pretty clingy to daddy today. She was most annoyed when he went to work.
She also spent quite awhile crushing her snack into the carpet for fun.
She has even learned how to climb up on our desk chair. She was very proud of herself. I am less thrilled with her excellent ability to climb things. She's just like Aiden was.
Doug tried to take a few pictures of the boys and I this afternoon.
I am thinking it is time to cut their hair again!


Amanda said… boys need hair cuts too. I'm glad your PTI's went well.

Olivia's dress is so sweet! Love it!
Katrina Stonoff said…
OK, I'm a total dork. I got a little thrill from seeing your name and Joshilyn's signature on the title page. I thought to myself, "Oh, wow! I have one of those too!" So thanks for posting the pics!

*ahem* What I meant to say was, I'm glad your book arrived safely. :-)

And your children are adorable. Personally, I loved my little boys' long curls. I was always sad after I cut them off.

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