Good Friday

My Aiden is sick again. He has an ear infection and his asthma is really bad... which usually means he is getting another chest cold. Today he had a pretty high fever.

My son reacts to medications. They make him WIDE awake. I have often heard other mothers talk about how tylenol put their kid right to sleep... NOT MINE! I have tried them all, tylenol, advil, motrin... everything wakes him up.

But I can't very well leave him fevering away and in pain.

So I gave him some Jr. Advil tonight.

On the UP side his fever is way down, he managed to eat a little bit of food and drink lots of water, his ear is hurting him less, and he is relatively happy.

On the DOWN side it is 10:15 pm... 3 hours PAST his bedtime.... and he is still WIDE awake.

I, on the other hand, am NOT wide awake.

I would very much like to be asleep. Because I too am coming down with a cold. Aiden and I tend to get the same stuff because we both have pretty bad asthma.

I am really praying that Owen and Olivia and Doug escape this bug.

In other news today is Good Friday. Several years ago I was watching the Passion of the Christ movie and the reality of Good Friday hit me. Not because of what was happening to Jesus per se... although that was horrendous.

There is a scene in the movie when Jesus is carrying his cross down the road and his mother is trying to keep up to him on the outskirts of the crowd. Jesus falls down and Mary has this flashback to Jesus as a little boy falling down and scraping his knee. She went to him and held him and said "mommy's here" to her little boy Jesus. Then it goes back to the grown man Jesus fallen under the weight of his cross and Mary runs toward him and says "Mommy's here". That just broke my heart. I can't imagine watching the horrendous things people did to Jesus through his mother's eyes.

It's enough to break your heart. I hate to see my son suffering with an earache... imagine the pain in Mary's heart watching her baby boy die a horribly painful death. Seeing it from Mary's perspective reminds me not to take Jesus' sacrifice lightly.


Jenny said…
aww poor kid. sick kids are never fun. it's hard to hold my son during his sick times cause his entire body burns up and i end up sweating to death. it's nuts. but i guess he feels better being in my lap.
Jenn Phipps said…
Thanks for the perspective. I was up most of the night with one of my girls and my patience is quite low this morning. She too gets extra alert when given tylenol.
Amanda said…
Awe...Aiden. I hope he and you are both feeling better soon.

I often wonder what I'd do if there was a natural disaster and couldn't get clean water for my childern...especially the one who's dependent on formula.

What it must have been like for Mary!
ChristiS said…
Thank you for sharing that....I, too, cannot imagine how it was for Mary. Do you know the name of the song that played on that? It was beautiful!

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