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I love scrabble. I love word games. My friend Krista and her husband Mark taught me a wonderful scrabble game called finklemeyer that I absolutely adore. But I just really don't get to play very often because Olivia likes to eat scrabble pieces and I don't think they are healthy for her. And by the time she goes to sleep at night my mommy-brain is just no longer able to coherently form words any longer than "is" or "it" or "sleep". So we play about once a year or so.

And then I was introduced to Scrabulous on facebook. Oh Joy oh Bliss. A scrabble game that I can play in bits and pieces. No one can eat the pieces or knock them off the board. It's fabulous. But it is rather slow. You take your turn then it could be DAYS until the next person gets to their facebook to take their turn. But it is still better than no scrabble.

And then I got a wonderful little notification in my facebook mail. My friend Amy invited me to play a game of Scramble with her. I had never heard of this but since my friend Amy is so cool I thought I would try it out.

I love it.

It is my new obsession.

It is a word game, it is fast, it is relatively easy even when you have mommy brain. And the best part is that if your friend hasn't gotten around to taking their turn yet you can just play on the public live games to fill your time... if you happen to have time to fill. Or fill your mind if you are trying to avoid thinking about other less pleasant things.

And yes... I am a geek.


Judy said…
Oh, Tara. The REAL joy of Scrabulous comes when you can play with your children when they are adults.

And, no PIECES to pick up!
Jenn Phipps said…
Oh scramble is my my new obsession!
Amy said…
I'm totally addicted to scrabulous, so I'll have to check out Scramble, thanks for the tip!

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